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Infections that occur within your mouth put your entire body at risk. Root canal treatment addresses infections so you can protect your other teeth and your body. If you are without insurance, ask us how you can SAVE with our Smile Saver Dental Plan.

Let our over 27 years of experience give you confidence

in the quality and attentiveness

of your care.

Infections in the teeth can worsen until they have reached the gums and the pulp. When this happens, your mouth and your body's health are at very serious risk. Root canal treatments are designed to remove the infection and disinfect the area to protect your health.

Handle serious problems

If your tooth has reached a serious level

of infection, more extensive treatment may

be necessary. In these situations, we may recommend extraction of the affected tooth. The canal is then filled and the tooth is replaced with a crown to restore appearance and function.  

Address urgent infections

Facing intensive dental treatments can be frightening. Let us give you peace of mind

with caring, gentle, nurturing care that minimizes your discomfort and anxiety.

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Protect your body from serious infection